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Planning a Dream Trip to Utah

Planning a Dream Trip to Utah

Utah combines rugged landscapes with metropolitan cities. Steep canyons and hiking trails contrast with bustling shopping centres, museums and an indoor skydiving centre. Visiting one of the United States’s most underrated destinations always meets (and usually exceeds) expectations. So why not start searching for the dream utah vacation rentals and get down to the Beehive State for an unforgettable trip? Keep reading and discover how to plan the perfect trip to Utah.

Why visit Utah?

If you love the outdoors, you’ll love Utah. Several national parks, hundreds of hiking trails and countless canyons litter the landscape. Travellers can have the ultimate outdoor experience and much more including world-class dining, visiting cultural centres and hitting the malls. A growing number of families make the trip to Utah each year to enjoy the surroundings and take the chance to explore a part of the United States that most tourists miss. And this is just in the summer. When the winter months arrive, the mountains transform into a vibrant ski resort matching those in the Swiss Alps. Thousands of skiers and snowboarders make the journey down to hit the world-class pistes. Utah has something for everyone, at all times of the year.

When is the best time to visit Utah?

The best time depends on what you want to do. If you’re going to explore the barren landscapes, try to visit between late spring and the middle of autumn. Summer temperatures can rise into the 40s (Celsius) creating potentially dangerous conditions to be outside. But the middle of spring offers more pleasant temperatures and the chance to see the outback burst back into life. Skiing seasons attracts thousands of tourists around Christmas and the New Year. This in turns raises the prices and fills hotel rooms. Instead, it might be better to hit the slopes in the middle of January or early February. If you want to spend your time in the cities (Salt Lake City, Provo or Ogden), visit at any time of the year. Shops, museums and attractions are always open.

How to get around Utah

Utah is a vast state and covering the long distances can often be slow and cumbersome. Most travellers arrive at Salt Lake City International Airport. From here, you can take the bus into the capital city. Or rent a car from the airport. Relying on public transport to get around the state is suitable for those planning to stay near Salt Lake City. Buses and trains connect to some of the smaller towns and cities nearby. And several tour companies can take you out to the national parks and natural attractions.

But if you want to get the most out of your trip and have more flexibility, you really do need to have your own vehicle. Driving gives you the chance to get to the hiking trails that you want to do. It also gives you the freedom to have a mini-adventure in the state. You can either rent a car, as mentioned above, at the airport. Or drive into the state as part of a more extensive road trip.

Those planning to spend more time in Utah and who want to explore the state fully might need to rely on long-distance buses, trains and domestic flights. Greyhound buses pass from one city to the next at relatively affordable prices. Trains, on the other hand, provide a better way to see the vast expanses of the state. However, expect long journeys and regular delays. The fastest way is by flying. But this is also the most expensive option.

The best things to do in Utah

Hiking is among the more popular activities in Utah. Several trails of varying difficulty transverse the wilderness to canyons, rock formations and desert landscapes. Some take less than an hour and a half while others require a full day to complete the circuit. You should also consider visiting the state’s national parks to get the best natural experience. Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park are two favourites. However, before setting your heart of visiting them, you should first consider the logistics. Are you going to drive or join a tour? Is it best to visit as part of a day trip or should you stay overnight?

Provo sits approximately an hour from Salt Lake City and is a favourite day trip from the capital. This is an underrated cultural haven in Utah boasting dozens of museums and art galleries. Check out Monte L Bean Life Science Museum and the Crandall Historical Printing Museum. The majority of day trippers will spend at least five or six hours in Provo. And the city has dozens of restaurants and cafés worth visiting too. Buses connect the two cities on a regular basis.

Another highlight is in nearby Ogden located approximately 40 minutes from Salt Lake City. Apart from having an attractive centre, it also houses the unusual iFly Utah. This is one of the few indoor skydiving centres which offers the chance to get the thrill of diving without jumping out of a plane. A trip to the centre promises fun for both families and adults alike. Check out their website and find out more about the experience, costs and promotions.

Planning a Trip to Utah

More and more people are visiting this state in the southcentral United States. So why not join in the fun and consider making the Beehive State your next holiday destination? Hit the trails in the warmer months or the pistes in winter. And be sure to check Provo’s museums and Ogden’s somewhat unique indoor skydiving centre.