The Reasons You Should Visit to San Jose California

The Reasons You Should Visit to San Jose California

Why are the millennials moving to San Jose, California? Well let me tell you!

This lovely city is located just below the Bay Area and often times played second fiddle to the popularity of San Francisco. Now with the tech industry booming, San Jose has cemented its place on the map and it’s a metropolitan and highly sophisticated place to live. Here are a few fun things you might not have know about this city that will make you want to make your way over to San Jose.

1. San Jose actually is known as the ‘capitol’ of Silicon Valley as it’s the biggest city in this booming tech region. Think Apple, HP, Google and so many more!

2. San Jose is not so little after all. The metro population is actually 1.8 million.

3. The average paycheck for 22-35 years olds is $79,331 a year. Not too bad indeed!

4. In general the city gets 301 days of sunny weather. Because mountains on three sides surround the city it keeps the downtown protected from getting too much rain or fog, unlike San Francisco just a little to the north. It’s literally the poster child for the “Sunny California” moniker.

5. Big business goes on in this city and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in a tech start-up or dream of working for any of the hundreds of technological companies that are nestled in and around the city this might be the place for you!

6. Beautiful nature surrounds this bustling city. There are so many day trips outside the city with San Francisco, Berkley and Napa wine region less than a two-hour drive. Or perhaps you want to explore the beautiful mountains or check out Alum Rock Park with it’s 740 acres of beautiful greenery.

7. It’s a hub for art and culture. There are over 12 different museums in the city including the Tech Museum of Innovations that features hands on technological innovations that really celebrate what Silicon Valley is known to do best!

8. And finally San Jose is an extremely really safe place to live. Their crime rates are very low and it has been listed as the 7th safest city in America to live. Not to bad at all!

Hope you enjoyed these 8 fun facts and these are only a taste of all the great and exciting things that living in this city and California has to offer! And good luck if you are moving to San Jose, California.

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